Bug in ObjectMaterialSource

Hi Steve
ObjectMaterialSource has a bug in the loop for multiple objects where the material source is changed (fixed below). It was not using the Enum to get the material source. I tried to check it directly into GitHub but got a forbidden note. How can I use GitHub properly. Will I have to make a new branch? I am using it actually as a SVN repro.

def ObjectMaterialSource(object_ids, source=None):
"""Returns or modifies the rendering material source of an object.
  object_ids = one or more object identifiers
  source [opt] = The new rendering material source. If omitted and a single
    object is provided in object_ids, then the current material source is
    returned. This parameter is required if multiple objects are passed in
    0 = Material from layer
    1 = Material from object
    3 = Material from parent
  If source is not specified, the current rendering material source
  If source is specified, the previous rendering material source
  If object_ids refers to multiple objects, the number of objects modified
id = rhutil.coerceguid(object_ids, False)
if id: # working with single object
    rhino_object = rhutil.coercerhinoobject(id, True, True)
    rc = int(rhino_object.Attributes.MaterialSource)
    if source is not None:
        rhino_object.Attributes.MaterialSource = System.Enum.ToObject(Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectMaterialSource, source)
    return rc
# else working with multiple objects
if source is None: raise Exception("source is required when object_ids represents multiple objects")
for id in object_ids:
    rhino_object = rhutil.coercerhinoobject(id, True, True)
    rhino_object.Attributes.MaterialSource = System.Enum.ToObject(Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectMaterialSource, source)
return len(object_ids)

Thanks Silvan, I fixed this in SR8.

As far as github, I use the fork and pull model as described here

People fork my repository to their own accounts and then send in pull requests for the changes that they’ve made. This is quite a bit different than subversion (it actually is one of the key reasons git has been so successful with open source projects in recent years.)

Thanks for pointing out the bug.