Bug in latest update for Mac?

I’m on Mac running Version 7 (7.36.23346.16352, 2023-12-12)

I have an issue since the latest upgrade. In my side viewport, the image, in shaded view, appears semi-xray somehow. see :point_down:

The Xray all wires is not selected. I enclose the file being worked on.
Untitled.3dm (5.5 MB)

The other viewport directions are unaffected. Thoughts please/


I’m on MacOS, Rhino Version 7 (7.37.24004.15002, 2024-01-04)

Definitely something strange with the Right viewport after opening your file.

Camera X-Location is at an extreme value. Can’t see all the digits in the properties panel. Copy / pasting it shows 441352400000000.

A few methods that seem to correct the display:

  • Run _ZE command (_Zoom _Extents).
  • Run _4View command twice.
  • Import your file into a blank file.




Thanks, that works! No idea why that happened though!