BUG: History (w/ sweep)

The teal (racetrack) surface has been created with a 2-rail sweep using the edge (trimmed edge) of the pink surface and green lower profile as the rails and the pink profile as the x-section, with history enabled.

If I move the control points on the pink surface or pink x-section profile, the sweep breaks!

Why is this happening, and will it be solved?


History Bug.3dm (147.7 KB)

Any thought about this issue?

@pascal ??

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

Hi Sach -

I’m not seeing that here - and I’m not completely sure what you mean by “breaks”. When I hear “break” in the context of history, I’m expecting a “history broke” warning to pop up.

When I move control points on the pink surface, the swept surface updates nicely.

When I do that, the swept surface updates as well but I wouldn’t call the resulting surface to be nice. When I make that swept surface from scratch, it behaves nicely, though. The section profile itself is a history object with, what looks like, a tangency constraint to the pink surface, so it’s limited how much you can edit that profile curve.