BUG: Hatches in Locked Layers Do not Export to PDF

Create a file with a layout.
Create a hatch that will appear in the layout.
Lock the layer with the hatch.

The hatch does not appear in the PDF.
Unlock the layer with the PDF. Export.
The hatch appears in the PDF.

In principle, when creating a layout you want then to go to Print (Cmd+P) and in the dialog you can then choose to create a pdf.

Hi John -

I just exported a simple file and that seems to work fine. Make sure to enable Locked Objects in the Visibility section:



I found the same problem.

From a DetailView on a Layout, hatches on locked layers aren’t exported to PDF, whether via Export or Cmd+P. The ‘Locked Objects’ Visibility setting makes no difference.

From a model space view, or a hatch directly on a Layout not in a DetailView, the ‘Locked Objects’ setting works for Cmd+P, but not for Export.

(I prefer the interface and options in Export to PDF to be better than Cmd+P, it looks like someone put more thought into it.)

Hi Neil -

When I use the ExportAll command from a layout in Rhino 7 on macOS, I get the hatches and curves that are on a locked layer here.

In this set-up, the black “default” layer is locked:

Could you post a file and the output of the Rhino SystemInfo command?