Bug: Grasshopper Annotation Error in latest WIP


since the latest WIP (31.01.2017)I get the following error message in Grasshopper with TextTag3D or LineDim

  1. Solution exception:Unable to find an entry point named ‘CRhinoAnnotationText_New’ in DLL ‘rhcommon_c’.


I run into the same problem.The AngleDim and the ArcDim object stopped working since 2 February. I have the same error message.
David, if you look into this issue, please take into consideration that an extra Boolean input node on all annotation objects would make it possible to switch them all on and of at once. That would be very handy.
By the way I love your work. Grasshopper is really a great tool

Annotation code has changed significantly, with old classes being removed. @dalelear did the work for that, I suppose @DavidRutten will have to go over all the GH code that uses this.

Looking into it now.