Bug - ghpythonlib components in Python 3


The following bug is present in Python 3, under Rhino 8 when using the Voronoi solver. It is not present when used in Python 2 or in GHPython.

If duplicate points are found, the solver will ignore them while issuing a warning in Python 2:
Warning: Voronoi: solver component. warning: 977 duplicate points were found. They will be ignored during the solution.

In python 3 this will trigger an exception that will stop the script and can’t be ignored:
AttributeError: 'IGH_Component' object has no attribute 'AddMessageForWarnings'

Naturally, warning messages should not stop a script. This may affect other components running in Python 3.

Attached MWE gh file

voronoi_py3_bug.gh (31.3 KB)

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I’m having the same problem. How can I solve it?