Bug: GHPython Autosolve Kicks In Despite Being Disabled (Update: not bug, new feature)

Hi @stevebaer and @piac,

For the past week or so I’ve noticed the GHPython autosolve kicking in despite being disabled. Or at least that’s what I think is happening. This occurs if I’m assigning a variable and wait a bit before typing its value, and if I’m using autocomplete and wait a bit before typing after using the dot completion. Here’s a quick example demonstrating this behaviour (leading to errors in both cases):



Update: This is running Rhino version (7.8.21174.15001, 2021-06-23)

That isn’t autosolve. We attempt to “compile” the script on a timed basis to report any potential compilation errors. We’ve had that in there for quite a while. What kinds of problems is it causing?

Ah yes, I see the difference now. This feature doesn’t actually run the code. My bad.

We only recently upgraded to Rhino 7 and I must have missed this new feature/behaviour until now.

I depend on the output panel when developing and debugging. And the information that’s printed to it disappears when this new feature kicks in while I’m typing something. Which needless to say messes quite severely with my coding loop.

I also personally prefer “things not to do things” unless I tell them to, and find operating under a timer stressful (i.e. you have X seconds to do something before something happens). But I certainly see why others would find this feature useful.

Update: Here’s a demonstration of the former issue above, along with a new one I just noticed. The error message printed by this new “compile test feature” doesn’t go away after the potential syntax “error” is “corrected” (at ~20 seconds in):

You don’t like the pressure of typing as fast as possible?

I see that this is a problem. We shouldn’t be piping our compile errors to the same window that shows output. I added this to our issues list at


Haha, I get enough of that from management.

That sounds great, cheers Steve :beers:

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I’d say we could show that information in the “Help” tab, or in a new tab called “Compile”?

I agree. I was thinking of dumping the messages to the help window for now. We can rethink this in V8 as we work on the new code editor.

Update: sending to the help tab isn’t going to work as useful help on functions will get deleted. I’ll try Giulio’s other option of a new tab