BUG: GH Custom Preview still blowing up memory

The Custom Preview component still blows up my memory. 32GB is consumed within minutes for a simple 1100mm curve below:

Fig 1. Previewing simple geometry:

This bug is an old familiar fella by now:

I can’t check (preview) what I’m doing with this bug blowing up my memory every few minutes. I had to disable all previews and go stone age view. That’s bad because often I use colors for debugging. This is how useful Preview is right now:

Fig 2. Preview disable in order to keep memory for myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please fix this, Grasshopper isn’t “industrial strength” without a working Preview component.

// Rolf

Somehow your original post didn’t seem to cause a memory leak on my computer. Rhino used ~1.5G memory consistently.


Reproduce: The extreme memory consumption occurs when wiggling and rotating the Viewport while watching the Task Manager. When coding and compiling memery is consumed each time as well. Happens everytime.

// Rolf

I managed to replicate the problem this way:
2020-05-19 14_16_26-Window
enable/disable many times that group, ram usage goes crazy.
preview_ram_usage_bug.gh (21.8 KB)

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I can replicate this one.