Bug: Generic models that has been cut with void


When referencing an element (in this case ‘‘Generic model’’) that has been cut with a void, the component reads the geometry as it was before it got cut with the void.

Example: I selected two faces in Revit, and when connecting them to the Surface-component in GH I get the original surface without the cut from the void.


Elements in Revit:

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Hey @lindgren.eirik
I tested this on a wall that has the base attached to a floor, and a Generic model-in-place components that has voids and both work fine. Would you mind sending me a test model or describe how to generate the model that has the issue?

If you connect to a Brep param you will obtain what you expect a trimmed surface, but if you connect it to a surface it gets the untrimmed surface.

Maybe is not intuitive and you can always use the ‘Untrim surface’ component.

I will change it. :+1:

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This works when the selected Revit face is a closed loop. If there are holes the BREP-component does not recognise the face as a BREP.

Closed surface:

Surface with holes:

Error message: