BUG? Flippin bug

I got into this problem after using the flip command on a surface just lofted. I can’t seem to escape it and cannot continue modeling. Note the command line and the dropdown menu happening instead of the right click serving to enter the command.

2015-10-25_15-33-36.mp4 (16.5 MB)

That is an odd one. It looks like the Split icon is running the Flip command. Can you post the 3dm file? I’m not sure if the file itself matters here but it may help. You didn’t customize the Split icon in preferences>commands>main by any chance?

I’ve not made any customization with the split command, or the flip command either. Here’s the model, but I’ve continued working with it after restarting the program so I don’t know it it will be of any use.WalkieTalkie.3dm.zip (386.1 KB)

Here’s a copy of the plists and the template used as well.

Archive.zip (43.6 KB)

MM_10-23.3dm.zip (8.4 KB)

That’s what it looks like to me also.

I would open my

like Brian says, and double check.

Something looks not right in your video.

Perhaps related (given the proximity of the icons) just yesterday in 5.1 (v5B161), I found that the Explode icon did not execute. I could type “Explode”, and this worked as expected, but the icon did nothing. It didn’t enter anything in the command history, either. Quiting Rhino and restarting corrected the icon function. (Sorry to have not reported this, only seen it once.)

Perhaps there’s some kind of oddity with mapping of commands to some of the icons somehow?


(p.s… Props for the title of this thread!) :slight_smile: