(BUG ?) - FilletEdge does not follow UVs of input surfaces

Thanks. It looks like it’s currently pegged at channel 1, but since anisotropy is so UV dependent, then it behaves like a texture, so it kind of makes sense to let the user select it’s mapping channel. Maybe @nathanletwory has some thoughts as you pointed out.

Note that the discontinuity is not only a problem in Raytraced but also in Rendered mode


To get around the problem in this particular case I’d apply a cylindrical mapping (since the corners are rounded):

Right. So it behaves like a texture and needs its own UVs … would it make sense to select a UV channel for it ? If there is no texture, no harm since it picks up channel 1, but if there is a texture for that material (say planar mapped) we may want the anisotropy on a different channel.

Makes sense. Logged request as RH-64970 Allow selecting mapping channel to use for anisotropy channel

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