Bug/Feature Request: MatchSrf

MatchSrf is not consistent in whether the edge selected is indicted. Here is an example:

The surface indication is below the popup. I change the view and the popup moves with it. There need to be more indications of the selected surface.

to improve selection from this

to this

  • use different colors and or different layers
  • name the surfaces, you will see those names in the pop-up
  • drag the selection-popup at the title “choose objects” at a position where it fits your needs

hope this helps - kind regards -tom

Different colors is what I have been using but it’s an extra step in the process.

Hello- are you really just asking for more arrows along the edge to indicate the surface?

RH-80889 MatchSrf - more arrows


Yes, at least one visible arrow. Frequently arrows are not visible on Matchsrf.