Bug:Faces not showing in Mirrored solid components

Hi All,
In Build 491 when I mirror a solid item, half the faces are missing as though I don’t have ‘2 sided’ ticked in shaded properties.

Hm- I do not see that here in 491. Does this happen with just a box for instance?


That was fixed recently.

nop. this bug still happens
version 2013-12-02

I can confirm it is still happening in Build 492. The solid cube mirrored seems to be fixed but the cylinder and tube solids still show no front faces when mirrored from left to right. The models seem to be okay when sent into other CAD programs as 3ds such as Cheetah3D.


This was happening to me a bit yesterday, though only, it seems, with solid-extrusions that were mirrored. I didn’t need history so I just exploded and while all selected, rejoined. They were then fine.

I have had this happen on Windows + T-Splines when using symmetry , just an observation.