Bug - Extractsrf and Alt Key Copy

The Alt Key will not toggle the copy function correctly. It turns the + on and off, but copies the surface anyway, even when the + is off.


Hi Don- thanks… it does not look right to me… I’ll check with the developer.

Mikko tells me Alt to toggle the Copy command line option is not supposed to work at all in ExtractSrf- it looks like the ‘+’ toggling is the bug.


OK, so, got it now… this is not doing anything at all other than the standard Windows Alt key behavior of giving focus to the menus - the cursor changes from the arrowhead pointer, possibly with + symbol if Copy=Yes to the full arrow pointer-, and the File menu is highlighted, the status bar blank - Windows now has taken over and the cursor no longer reflects anything in particular about Rhino’s command or options. The next Alt tap gives focus back to Rhino, this restoring the + symbol. Weird looking in this context but standard behavior, I guess…