Bug: Extract render mesh,

Now i noticed with extracting render meshes that rhino has a problem with either blocks or nested blocks, some materials end up being grey, i use vray for rhino so all the objects have vray materials but i dont think this should be a problem,…if this has allready been reported, my apologies, it didnt show up in the suggestions,…

Hi Sabino,

Do you have an example model with the original and extracted render mesh version of the block you can share? One thing that comes to mind is that the extracted render mesh may need to be reassigned the Vray material. If that fixes things, I’ll file the issue here to see if we can preserve the vismat when extracting the render mesh or if this would need to be implemented by the developers of Vray directly.

Hi Brian, yes, i guess i have and its quite big and i cant just post it here.

Where can i upload it?..

Heres an example, you will also notice that on the extracted mesh some materials dont show up correctly because the normals have been flipped for some reason,…

Hi Sabino - you can upload here:


The smallest/simplest example that shows this problem is always best…



Thanks for the file Sabino. I sent it off to the Vray guys as it appears to be a bug with how vismats work within nested blocks. I gave them a two object example file. The only work around I found was to reassign materials or use single level blocks. @crubadue may be able to add more.

Thanks guys, yeah i reported it to you because i thought it was a rhino bug, well for now ill just live with it till its fixed,…

I understand it as he is not rendering blocks, but the extracted render meshes, is that correct?
If so, then how can this be a V-ray issue?

I know Rhino had issues with flipping the meshes correctly if nested blocks were mirrored, so this might be related to that.

The rendered blocks and the rendered extracted mesh were identical here. The issue appeared to be related to how the vismat is used in nested blocks. We’ll see if it turns out to be something that needs to change in Rhino as well but it’s unclear until the Vray devs can weigh in.

It appears I can duplicate the same issue by just using Rhino Render. See Attached file. RhinoRenderExtractFromParentFail.3dm (166.7 KB)

I don’t think there is anything broken on the VRayForRhino side.