Bug: Extract render mesh of linked file results in a mesh locked to the instance

Hi guys,
I work with linked files, but I run into issues when trying to extract their rendermeshes. They dupliacte OK, but are not transfered to the host file and I can not UNDO the extraction nor handle those meshes. The extracted rendermeshes are still stuck in / linked to the inserted file for some reason.

make a file with a box and save.
make a new file and insert the box-file and select it and extract render mesh.
Now try to move the extracted rendermesh or undo the extraction and you should see the problem.


Even if I undo everything done in the host file (even the insertion of the box file) I can still see the extracted mesh that won’t undo. I can pick it and try to drag it, but it snaps back to where the file would have been inserted.

Hi Jorgen - checking it, thanks.

Got that, thanks.



RH-56549 is fixed in the latest Service Release

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