Bug: extract render mesh from block (or nested block) loses uv coordinates,

The wheels are blocks,…(ignore the way the car looks, that as nothing to do with this)



Can you post a file with the block and texture map? I’m not able to reproduce this here extracting a render mesh from a block which was made after a custom UV assignment. I don’t need the whole car, just the wheel as a block please which you can save separately using the Export command.

where can I upload it?..

There are a few options. Post it here, email me directly (brian.james@mcneel.com) or upload to http://www.rhino3d.com/upload leaving the receipient email as tech@mcneel.com with a note for Brian J. or use my personal email as the receipient.

I filed this issue for anyone following the thread.

The workaround in the meantime was to use ExtractRenderMesh while in the Block editor. This issue appears to be related to multiple UV spaces within a single block.