Bug: _extendSrf numeric input / display update

Seems like _extendSrf does not work als expected here. Rhino 7, Version 7 (7.1.20343.09492, 2020-12-08) on a Mac, Mac os 10.15.6

picking the marked Edge and trying to extend with “20.0”
(Merge unchecked)
-> the display / interaction does not update when Option Line / Smooth is changed
-> entering 20.0 , pressing Enter, the command will finish, and just duplicate the surface - instead of generating the extension. looking forward to SR1…THANKS

extendSrf_numeric_fails.3dm (3.6 MB)

Hi Tom - this works as expected in the latest builds here.


this is what i get (or not… pressing enter in the last Step of the video)
see system info as well.

systemInfo.txt (5.4 KB)

Hi Tom - I got it now, thanks.
RH-62280 ExtendSrf: Typing a distance fails


Thanks - and that the change of the option during the “extension-length picking” (line/smooth) does not update the white guiding-Curve - did you see this as well ?

I do see that, thanks.
RH-62296 ExtendSrf:Preview does not follow type setting