(Bug?) _extendCrvOnSrf does not respect Surfaceborder

extendCrvOnSrf.3dm (3.1 MB)

On Mac Os X 10.15.7 (intel) Version 7 (7.11.21271.01002, 2021-09-28)

As mentionend in the title:
Extending this curve with _extendCrvOnSrf looks like the boundary / boarder / outer Loop of the surface / Brep is not respected - the unterlaying surface seams to effect the new length.

maybe this is because the curve is very close to an isocurve ?

if Surfaceboarder and Trim-Curve are very close to each other, so you can not see it immediately as in this example, this might be an very annoying source of errors…

thanks for having a look at this. kind regards -tom

Hi Tom -

Thanks, I can see that here and put it on the list as RH-65818.

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