BUG?: Export format .ply (binary) gives "Format not found"

When exporting a mesh as a PointCloud from R6 & WIP to ply format, the binary output format seems to differ from the ASCII version in that MeshLab cannot import the binary format while the ASCII format imports with no problem.

MeshLab error message when importing the Binary format:
Pointcloud ply (binary) - Format not found 2020-08-12 231716

  • Rhino version: I have tested exporting to ply with both R6 (latest) and WIP (latest).
  • MeshLab version: 2020-05


Addendum: Same (binary) format error occurs with mesh and pointcloud.

// Rolf

Thanks Rolf.
I’ve file that issue as RH-59965.

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Hi Rolf - As far as we can tell, we are writing the binary PLY files correctly as per the specifications.
I noticed that Blender also didn’t import these files in a previous version but they have since updated their importer and the binary file is correctly being read there.
This looks to be something that MeshLab should check.

Hi @wim and @RIL,

i was just a about to post the same problem with newest MeshLab, MeshMixer, CloudCompare and InstantMeshes. They all complain about an invalid header.









only app besides Rhino which was able to open the file was Magics. Is there another (preferably) binary format which supports vertex colored meshes ?


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