Bug:evalMesh node hard crashes Rhino with meshFromPoints


have had a hard time with this, sees like a bug to me. I have tested this down to a easily reproduceable hardcrash of Rhino.

pleas see the files attatched, there should not be any non standard nodes in there, except the MeshPlus CalculateVertexNormals(m+VertNorm), because I figured out that node would prevent grasshoper>Rhino from hard crashing.

short decription:
when using meshFromPoints and feeding that into a evalMesh node grasshopper will cause a crash.
when using a meshd nurbs things are ok.

BUT the strange thing is:

when I disable the EvalMesh node, run the solution and then BAKE the meshFromPoints node that feeds into the EvalMesh node BEFORE I enable the EvalMesh node again also nothing crashes, but it crashes as soon as I change any dynamic parameter.

it is really strange, recomputing the normals(M+) makes the mesh ok to evaluate, but I still don’t understand why baking the mesh before enabling the EvalNode helps as well…

would love If someone from McNeel could have a look at this.
I also sent like 20 error reports already :slight_smile:

thank you,

evalMesh_HardCrash.gh (15.1 KB)

evalMesh_HardCrash.3dm (231.4 KB)