Bug: Emap Custom Mesh ignorred

it ignores the option adjust mesh in emap, once set and okeyd it reverts to the initial setting, but it also ignores the custom mesh setting of the object itself.

Hello - Yes, this is completely broken, thanks for the report.

RH-64441 Analysis mesh: Only simple controls


thanks Pascal, i noticed that there is something different in the report of the tracker, you say it actually takes the setting? in my version it does not even do that, the resolution of the emap at least stays unaffected after confirming.

Hello- yes, it did take my setting from the detailed control - if I ExtractAnalysisMesh, I get the expected one, so far.


ic, it indeed changes it but the emap resolution does not change no matter how dense i adjust it.

so the emap always creates an independent display mesh? changing custom mesh in the render mesh settings will not affect it?

Hello- All analysis modes use a special, separate, analysis mesh for the display. This does not affect the resolution of the image used in say emap or zebra.


ok. but like zebra, changing the analysismesh for emap should change the resolution of the emap i would assume? if am am not utterly braindead i think i remember some concerns regarding mac having lower resolution emaps a few years back. i dont use emaps much but these seem low res is that possible?

Hello - here is what changing the mesh for any analyssis more that uses this mesh can do:

As you can see, it does nothing to the image that is used in EMap (TrueSphere, here)


thanks yes thats clear now. how does zebra get produced? does it use a texture like emap?