Bug: Edge Fillet

Some fillets are not created properly. In Rhino 5 the same fillets are created properly
base gemetryfillet_base.3dm (99.5 KB)
fillets in Rhino 5fillet_rhino5.3dm (138.4 KB)
fillets in Latest WIPfillet_rhino6.3dm (152.1 KB)

Hi Rajeev - thanks, I see that - it looks like Explode/Join on the object sorts it out for V6, I’ll get this on the bug pile for a developer to check, thanks.
MergeAllEdges also fixes it - there is a short edge near the front corner that fails - with that merged in, it seems OK.

RH-40313 is fixed in the latest WIP

Thanks, the latest WIP has indeed fixed this and some other fillet overflowing issues.