Bug: during moving the slider textures and colors are gone


if I have seen right this was caused by the last Rhino SR RC update. Also during a preview run nearly all is black.


Bongo slider moving

static scene

Would you be able to share the model with us?

Hi @marika_almgren,

I sent you the project file per wetransfer.

Could you check an other effect please? The last sequence shows a wandering light effect. It can be seen in rendered mode view if the slider is manual moved but not if an animation is calculated based on the rendered display.


I found now that the missing light effect can be seen at the viewport. If the slider is moved than the light reflection is visible and if the slider is released than the light reflection is off.

light effect missing

@Micha Thanks for the model! I can reproduce the black objects, but the lights effect seems to work as it’s supposed to (but I have a more reason internal build of Bongo WIP installed). I’ve logged this here for Joshua.

@marika_almgren One more test - please enable the raytraced viewport and move the slider back and forward. Here Rhino crashs.

@Micha - Oh, yes it comes crashing down… I’ll report that one too.

Great. :slight_smile:

I hope this bug can be fixed as soon as possible since it’s so difficult to adjust the render output for the whole animation if the raytraced viewport needs to be stopped and started for every slider position.

I added it here, and set the priority to a high level.

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