Bug DocumentProperties, Shorthand Key


Between DocumentPropertiesPage and -DocumentProperties, the shorthand keys are different. Annotation styles is ‘O’ in props page, and ‘A’ on the hyphenated command.

Hi Jonathan -
I see that - but does it really matter? Those two commands do something rather different.

The bigger issue with DocumentPropertiesPage is that the shortcut keys are no longer the same as they were in Rhino 6. That’s because the PostEffects were promoted up a level. The shortcut letters are automatically generated from the order of the options.

But even if that was overridden, the DocumentPropertiesPage command lists the available annotation styles right at the top level of the command options. These will differ from document to document, and, as such, the command shortcut keys will differ from document to document. There is no way to force these to be the same as they are in Rhino 6 without releasing a new version of Rhino 6 as well - which won’t happen.

Hi Wim,

Thanks for this. Ah okay, I think this makes some sense. It was purely down to me having an alias set up with the previous letter. I wondered at first why my alias no longer worked and instead of annotation styles I ended up at measuring I think it was. I recall seeing a post somewhere where someone was similarly concerned that the shortcut letters had changed.

Solution in the meantime seems that it’s probably better to explicity say AnnotationStyles rather than a / o

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