Bug: Display Performance - Materials - Textures

I have a bigger file with quite a lot of textures and displaying the high res material is crucial to the design intend, but it is naturally getting very heavy to navigate. if there is not something i missed, could the texture while navigating automatically switch to a low res? or is there a way to generate or switch to a low res display? it gets better when i zoom in and less of the materials are visible.

currently when i fiddle long enough it deactivates the materials showing only outlines, but that does not help the performance very much and does not trigger soon enough, taking more than a second to switch.

Size of a texture isn’t typically the bottleneck for performance. It is the number of different materials being used. Switching materials while drawing different objects is where performance drops.

i have about 9 different textures which replicate over the screen. would it help if i kept the same textures linked? currently i deactivated this mostly -> create unique editable copy, since i did not want all textures to be replaced accidentally when i change one spot spontaneously.

Possibly; it is hard to say without testing. We compute a hash of the material being used for an object based on its contents and then compare hashes while drawing to see if we need to update the material information on the GPU. I can’t say offhand if the way you have things set up that different hashes would be created for each object.

hmm nope, does not change much if at all. i tried now, right now there are more than 2000 surfaces with 9 materials. when i hide those with potentially unique textures and have only surfaces with linked materials, which are about half, it actually does not change the performance.

how it set it up:
i have surfaces (tiles) which i drag and dropped material from the finder onto. i did this for each of the 9 different materials i needed. from there on i started copying, mirroring (with copy). this automatically creates a shared texture when copied, unfortunately i must say, i was actually looking to deactivate this feature, so i hunted down sacred spots and created a unique material. but since that does not seem to matter…

it seems to help when i select all materials before i pan. it still takes more than a second to autohide the materials but it then moves pretty swift compared to having it not selected.

maybe i can share the file in private, but i rather not right now. if it really helps maybe in about a month or so. but i suspect that it would be the same with any file set up similar.

omg… if had known that exporting to rhino 5 helps so much, the entire file handles like butter there. sorry to say but that is not workable in rhino 7… why is there such a universal difference?

i know you guys are trying to solve that but pls give that some priority, handling the workspace should really have the absolute highest priority…

it definitely has to do with textures, they somehow slow down the workspace immensely.

And all the materials and textures are correct after the export? :open_mouth: