Bug? ......Dim Lines Changing When Other Objects Are Moved

When I move the cabinet without selecting the dim lines, the dim lines completely change. What causes this and how can it be prevented? Is it a bug?

Before moving:
2023-03-26 14_33_04-Move Dims.3dm (19 MB) - Rhinoceros 7 Commercial - Perspective

After moving the cabinet along the X axis about a foot:
2023-03-26 14_33_57-Move Dims.3dm (19 MB) - Rhinoceros 7 Commercial - Perspective

Move Dims.3dm (686.1 KB)

Well, history is always enabled for dimensions, even when you don’t want it, which is not a “bug” exactly, but that particular example sure looks like one.

Hi Mike,

It happens because your dimension lines are not anchored to the cabinet in the bottom left hand corner, here:

You have two choices:
A) add a representation of the absent corner on a layer you can subsequently hide and group it with the cabinet. A bounding box works well:

or B) move the dimensions to the opposite sides:

Move Dims 001.3dm (705.5 KB)