Bug - Cursor getting stuck after changing Mouse setting

I usualy don’t use this setting, but several times when I turn it on,this happens.
After setting the object drag settings, to “selected only”, my cursos keeps getting stuck in the last “icon(?)”, it works as usual, but its strange. Rhino Educational, Latest Release.

Video link. (My phone was charging, sorry it’s vertical :sweat_smile:)

Hi Diego - I’ve seen this as well, a couple of times in the past - not associated with the setting you mentioned though - and I could not repeat it - have you rebooted recently?


If you’re talking about the pc, yes. It’s just on for about 4 hours. When I restart Rhino it all comes back to normal, it’s not really an issue, just a little annoying.
(I’m still using it with the bug right now, because I didn’t bother to restart yet…)
It may be unrelated with the “drag” setting as you said, but never happened in another way.
Here’s my graphics settings, just in case.

The Intel gpu is at the lower end of the spectrum.

It appears the drivers are from 2012!
Try updating the driver first.
Probably via here

If it happens again:
What happens if you turn accelerated hardware mode off? And if you turn it back on?


Thanks Willem!
Also the “bug” disapeared, I’m using “drag selected only = on”, and everything is fine now, even before I installed the latest drivers. It was just a matter of restarting Rhino like the other times. It’s just strange.

Thank you Willem, and again, Pascal!