Bug CrvSeam Fixed - When will be released new SR candidate?

I would like to know when there will be a SR candidate with CrvSeam fixed (on youtrack is “fixed” https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-62009 ).
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Have you checked in the current SRC - 7.2.21005.13001, 05-Jan-21 ? According to YouTrack, the fix was checked in in late December.

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Make sure to set the update frequency to Service Release Candidate through Help > Check for updates... menu.

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Hi -
The normal procedure is to put fixes into the current 7.x branch at every given time.

At the time that the fix for item RH-62009 was committed, 7.x was 7.3 and the Release Target property on that page reflects this.

If all goes well, Rhino 7.2 will be released on Tuesday, January 12th, (Wednesday in our part of the world) and a first 7.3 Release Candidate will be available at the same time.

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Gee, Wim, I just sort of assumed you were in Seattle - although I don’t know why. What part of the world are you in?

Hey Al -

I’ve lived in Norway since 1996.

Hi mitch, sorry for delay but didn’t see the answers (i have to check emails from discourse…).
I confirm that with last service candidate 7.3… the curve seam is fixed (the 7.2 wasn’t).

Yes it was correctly setted.
The last SR candidate 7.3 has the CrvSeam fixed.

Ope, nevermind. I forgot there was the Natural option which is not the default.

I set up an alias to remind myself:

CrvSeamN:  _CrvSeam Pause Natural

Yep, I’ve lobbied for Natural to be the default… I like that better, myself.


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