Bug ? CPlane size varies from grid size when relocating


See this clip.
When relocating the CPlane on a curve, the X and Y axis displayed are not the same size as the ones used for the grid.
It seems the value of 70 units is hard-coded ?

I don’t see any change… You have it set to 20 minor gridlines (that’s either side of 0, so total of 40) and a major every 5 minor units. That shows an 8 x 8 major gridline “checkerboard”. When you re-orient the CPlane, that number stays the same.

Here if I re-orient my CPlane to a curve, if I go back in and change any of the grid values, it updates immediately.

I’m talking of the X and Y display during the relocation, not after.
In this case it’s not too problematic, but if you have a very small model in which you dropped the grid size, then relocating a CPlane is a bit complicated to see the axis.

That’s what it looks like, yes.
RH-76956 CPlane: Axes preview during orienting to curve