Bug: Connect command

Hi there,

I think I have found a bug, my lines do not connect.
Please, find Rhino file attached. I use Rhino 5.

connect bug.3dm (27.8 KB)

Hello - they connect if you run the Connect command and pick near the ‘corner’, at least it does here in V5 and V6.


Theoretically it is connected however when I zoom in I can see a small gap between the two lines. I can use the join because the gap likely behind the tolerance value. After the Join command Rhino automatically connects the two lines, that is perfect.

It is part of the script. What can I do? The script does not recognize it as connected lines. I can try Rhino common C# instead of using the “Command - Connect” in Python.

It is interesting because when I move the lines in an other location I can use it without issue.

I’m changing the category to “scripting”.
Please post a part of your Python script so that others can take a look.

Hi wim.

I used the native “Connect” command. I changed the tolerance value to 0.001 and now it works.