BUG: ChangeLayer Doesn't Work Sometimes

Reproduction (8.0.23080.12305)

  1. Create a “Test::TestSub” layer and turn its visibility off
  2. Select something and call _ChangeLayer
  3. Double-click “Test::TestSub”
  4. Fails to move to the nonvisible layer
  5. Repeat from step 2 and now it works.

Hi Eric -
I’m not able to reproduce that issue here.

Are you trying it with sublayers? Are you dbl clicking to select the layer?

Once it starts working for a particular layer, it keeps working. It’s just the initial run doesn’t work. I started turning all the layers off because I’d go to organize everything and realize nothing actually moved.

Hi Eric -

I replicated the layers from your image. A 3dm file is always the better option, but I’m sure you’ve heard that before…

That was in the instructions, so, yes. Of course, that TestSub layer is not visible between your steps 2 and 3 so I do have to improvise…

Sometimes it works 20 times in a row. Sometimes it won’t work 20 times in a row.

ChangeLayerBug.3dm (535.4 KB)


@wim Okay, check this out—100% repro.

I normally move things off of default. But trying to figure out the reason, I moved something from Base to Cutters and it ended up on the default:


I assumed it wasn’t doing anything because it was moving it from default to default. You actually have to click on the left half of the row (the highlighted blue box around Working) for it to assign to the layer you’re clicking on. If you click on the right half (where a sub-layer name is more apt to reside), it assigns it to default.

@wim, Did you see this?

Did this ever get logged? I know I have to click on the left third of the row for it to work, but that empty 2/3’s is like brain crack. I’m addicted to it. Why can’t the row extend the entire length of the panel?