Bug: Can't work with Layers properly from the Status bar

This have been reported before, but I would like to remind the developers again that Rhino 8 still has this pesky bug that will not allow the user to right-click on the quick Layers menu located at the bottom Status bar. Here is a quick comparison between Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 to show how they handle the same menu in a totally different way. Rhino 8 completely disabled the right-click pop-up window there.


Hi Bobi -

I’m not sure if that means that a YouTrack items was already created for this one?

At any rate → RH-78751 Layer: Context menu in new eto status bar

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I mean that I reported the bug in some other topic months ago. Not sure if it was added on YouTrack at the time.

Rhino 7 is extremely convenient when it comes do using the cascading toolbars and activating an icon there with a single mouse click. This is a HUGE deal for me. I believe that the reason for people to be upset with all the bugs and worse experience in Rhino 8 is that Rhino 7’s UI was pretty much polished to the maximum. Rhino 8 will feel much more reliable and user-friendly when the fix to the cascading toolbars is finally there.

A while ago I reported another issue related to the UI. Upon clicking on an icon whose tool is building an object, the mouse pointer in Rhino 8 changes immediately to a crosshair sight, even though it’s still located over the toolbar. This particular behaviour leads to an unpolished feeling and causes slight shutter and lag (at least on my system). Contrary to that, the mouse pointer of Rhino 7 remains very responsive at any time, and switches to a crosshair sight only after it leaves the toolbar and reaches the viewport.

A huge issue is also the inability to right-click on the Status bar. I tested this now and it’s still not fixed, even though I reported the bug about one month ago.

I think it is fixed, so you should see it in the next release Candidate

Despite that I upgraded to the latest version of Rhino 8 last night, I still see the bugs I described above and also reported numerous times in other topics.

Rhino 8 refuses to open the Layers panel when I right-click in the Status bar’s Layers tab at the bottom of the screen. However, Rhino 7 does it correctly. The only way for Rhino 8 to evoke the Layers panel is to dock the Properties panel, which, unfortunately, eliminates the advantage of using auto-disappearing Properties panel. This should be fixed.

On top of that, there is one disturbing bug that happens upon loading Rhino 8 or after opening another file in Rhino 8. For some reason, these two actions evoke the pop-up panel of Gadwin PrintScreen, a free screen-shot program. No other program of the ones I have causes that bug. None. It’s Rhino 8 that does it. There is some serious conflict between Rhino 8 and Gadwin PrintScreen.

Also, sometimes, when I click on floating toolbars or drag them around, Rhino 8 loses focus and the program behind takes focus, putting Rhino 8 in the background unexpectedly.

@Rhino_Bulgaria I believe this is fixed in 8.4. We will have the first 8.4 release candidate available on Jan 9. If you want access to 8.4 before that please let me know and I’ll send you a link to a download.

Sure, I can test it sooner and report if I find anything that still needs to be fixed.

Here’s the daily 8.4 build. Our plan is to have 8.3 become the official service release on January 9 and 8.4 will become a release candidate at that time.



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