Bug? Can't copy or move toolbar buttons

I’d like to copy and move some toolbar buttons into other toolbars. I gather this is supposed to work by shift-click-drag or ctrl-click-drag, but it doesn’t. What happens looks like a bug.

When I shift- or ctrl-click over the source button, there’s no visual feedback that the button is being changed, the mouse cursor stays a regular arrow.

If I drag to the new location and release the key while holding the mouse button, nothing happens: the button isn’t moved or copied.

If I drag to the new location and release the mouse button while holding the key, I see something weird: the words “Move Edit” (for shift) or “Copy Link” (for ctrl) appear in a large, uneven, un-aliased font with a white background. They partly cover the mouse cursor. They follow the cursor around as long as it’s in the destination toolbar. The words disappear when I release the ctrl or shift key. The toolbar button isn’t moved or copied.

Same result with left, right or middle mouse button.

In closing, help: I would really like to move some toolbar buttons but can’t find any way to do it. Is this a bug?

Yes, toolbars are unlocked. Windows 7 Rhino 5.3.30426.17065


Hi Bathsheba,

First; I would try and restart Rhino or even better the PC altogether.
Does that help?

It should indeed be working like this:
mouse over a button (nothing else pressed)
Press either SHIFT or CTRL (this should show the “Move Edit” or “Copy Link” overlay.
Next Dragging by holding down the Left Mouse Button to the destination.

From over here that is all I can suggest. Let us know if the problem remains it might indeed be a bug that needs to be tracked down.


Rhino updated to 5.4.30524.11065. Rhino restarted. Computer restarted.

OK I got it to work for some toolbars. I’ll call it good.

Hi Bathsheba,

The graphics glitch you describe makes me think it might be GPU related too. Can you check on a driver update for your make/model of card to see if that helps?