BUG? Both Split and MeshSplit turns my SubD into Nurbs

Hi guys,
Both Split and MeshSplit turns my SubD into Nurbs before splitting, so how do I split the SubD?
Is that tool lacking?

Hi @Holo
I’ve asked the same at some point, and I believe the answer was to use ExtractSrf (and use InsertPoint first, if you are splitting where there are no loops).
HTH, Jakob

Hi - at this point, this is expected behavior.
An internal debate over this earlier this month resulted in these:
RH-60877 - Consider warning users when a SubD turns into a brep
RH-60878 - Consider having the split command slit SubD control polygons when SubDs are in control polygon mode

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Good that you discuss this, but how about asking the user?
Doing a destructive process on a SubD with out warning the user should be avoided at all cost.

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I’d be very interested in hearing the “con” arguments on this since it seems like a no-brainer to me. At this point the only arguments I can imagine are things like

“I’m too tired”
“It’s way too hard for me”
“We don’t want to make things too easy for our customers. They might confuse us with high-end software”
“We need to keep up the long-standing McNeel tradition of implementing time-saving new features but leaving enough tedious grunt work to cancel the time saved”


And don’t forget that all-time favorite: “We’re a tiny company with limited resources”

and a favorite of mine from a previous life: “There’s never time to do it right but there’s always time to do it over.”