BUG: BooleanDifference deletes non intersecting cutters

Hi, why does the _BooleanDifference delete non intersecting cutters? Should not only the input objects/cutters that actually intersect with the target be deleted?

The command handles non intersecting cutters correctly in the first example (video), but deletes both non intersecting and intersecting cutters in the last example.

AFAIK it has always worked this way

This appears to be a bug, not an intended feature. For consistent behavior, the command should either delete the cutting object in the first example or keep the non-intersecting object in the last. The current behavior is inconsistent.

For the non intersecting pair on the left, the command line shows ‘Objects do not intersect. Nothing done.’

You clearly do not understand the problem. I have stated that the first example work as intended, but the latter do not.

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What would it solve for you if it works like you describe?

I can for example then use _SelAll to select cutting objects (step 2 in _BooleanDifference) without deleting most objects in my document.

I created a script specifically to solve this problem, but the default behavior is definitely a bug.

This is how I think the _BooleanDifference should handle non-intersecting cutting objects compared to the default behaviour. Pay attention to the two boxes in the upper left corner in both examples.

At least there should have been an option (from within the dialog box) to keep non-intersecting cutters.

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