Why in the first case, when we block all the threads, there is no problem
But in the second case, there is a bug that increases both the file size and the processing effect
Please fix

Hello - please post the file, I’ll take a look.


bug.rar (1.5 MB)

Hello - for some reason I am unable to open that rar - can you try a zip?



bug.3dm (5.8 MB)


Hello - the difference is, in the first case you are inside BlockEdit and the pyramids are polysurfaces - they are deformed when they are flowed. In the second case, green, the pyramids are individual block instances and these are flowed ‘rigid’ regardless of the ‘Rigid’ setting in FlowAlongSrf - they are not deformed. Using Rigid=Yes in the BlockEdit case should have it behave the same as the greens.


Thank you
Yes, I fully understand that although I change the situation, there are also conflicting objects that should not be this way.
If you solve this problem in Rhino 6sr 13, it will be very good