Bug : Block definition Manager really crash when instancing in WIP

Hello there, pretty simple crash to setup :

  • create a simple block with just a box inside
  • try to insert another instance of this block from the bloc definition manager
  • you can ppick a location, sometimes even a scale, but I never managed to get to the end of the process

I know the rewrite is being done currently so I wasn’t expecting a stable manager, but the block manager is really unusable right now…

EDIT : oh wow, figured out something! If I do not select the block definition but just right click on the name line, then I can insert a definition. Well, it did crash right after when I tried to select the definition in the manager. Seems like this has to do with the outline halo :face_with_monocle:

Hi Felix -

Yes, there is a lot of work being done on the block manager these days.
FWIW, that no longer crashes Rhino in the latest internal build. I see we’re not issuing a public WIP this week, so, yes…
But thanks!

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