BUG - Beta - Query Model Objects - Trimmed Surfaces Output As Breps


Found a new bug today with the Query Model Objects component.

It returns “Surfaces” as expected from the output options but if the surfaces were trimmed in Rhino then they do not get returned as Surfaces and rather output from the “Breps” object list.

Graph Space (You can see the trimmed surfaces starting with 999 and 0d0 GUIDs in the brep list):

You can see the trimmed surfaces previewed in Red here:

All the other surfaces, including twisted ones, orthogonal, and lofted return properly as surfaces.

It seems only to be an issue with those that have been trimmed

@kike @AndyPayne @wim

Thank you all!

query_model_objects_trimmed_surface_bug.3dm (219.9 KB)
query_model_objects_trimmed_surface_bug_gh.gh (8.5 KB)

did not check the .3dm .gh file but my guess is:
The RhinoDocument contains ON_Brep = Open Nurbs Brep
As fare as I know, all “Surfaces” are ON_Brep s as soon as they are added to the document; use the rhino s _list command to see the Open Nurbs Type of Object

But there is the IsSurface Property of a Brep.
But true means untrimmed surface - or more precise a Single-Face Brep where trimming and face boarder is the same.

maybe this is part of the underlaying logic of this component ?
Looks like IsSurface-Property is used to distinguish (untrimmed) Surface and Brep ?

does this make sense ? kind regards -tom

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Is exactly what @Tom_P was describing.

Fixed on next RC.

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Thanks @Tom_P , on first read this is a bit over my head but I’ll redigest when I have more time to take it in.

Thank you for the explanation!

Thanks @kike !