BUG? - Beta - Ghenv. Overwrites "Out"


In the previous script editor you could add the lines:

ghenv.Component.Params.Output[0].Name = “Data”
ghenv.Component.Params.Output[0].NickName = “D”
ghenv.Component.Params.Output[0].Description = “Passed Data”

And this would set the the tooltips for the output at that index.

While this still works in the new script editor it will overwrite the standard “out” output and then cause an issue outputting empty values even though it “looks” like the output variable setup you intended.

I believe the “out” output in the legacy editor was protected? or “non-indexed” or something that kept it safe.

Not sure if this is a bug but it confused me for awhile trying to troubleshoot why my script wasn’t working on a simple copy/paste of code.

In the snips below you can see how it “looks correct” but actually overwrote the standard out param. Then when you right click disable the standard out param it removes your output because it never added a param separate from the “out” to begin with.