BUG - Beta - Aligned Dimension Null If Tolerance Settings Null


I found a bug (I think it’s a bug at least) with the recent update that fixed the null annotation objects.

If you leave “Tolerance Settings” disconnected on the Aligned Dimension component. The AD will be valid (provided your A,B points are valid of course)

However, even if all your other settings are valid, if you connect a null Tolerance Settings to this component it will fail to return valid dimension objects and instead pass null.

For now I’m ensuring that I pass valid “Tolerance Settings” to the Aligned Dimension Component.


Hi @michaelvollrath,

I would recommend a setup like this in this case.

So you don’t need to wire each Annotation settings on each Annotation instance.
The additional benefit is that your annotations sharing a common set of attributes will be of the same style in Rhino, once baked, instead of having same data on each instance.
Is lighter on the model and easier to manage latter.

About the null right now all components treat nulls as “errors” on the previous components.
Is more obvious when we talk about a point, you don’t expect a half-defined dimension is created, so the rest of the inputs work same way.
I we accept nulls on some inputs then the result, if part of the definition fails, is less predictable. Now if something fails the depending components on its right also “fail”.

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Fascinating, I had no idea you could apply the annotation style AFTER creating the dimension. I like that much better for many reasons.

Thank you @kike for the rest of your explanation as well, that makes sense.