BUG: Artifact when toggling Cut Plane in Levels

I have a door component linked and embedded as a block. I’ve managed to isolate this bug from the main file where hundreds of component blocks are arrayed and reproduce it in a new file (attached).

the block is mirrored around x-axis and creates an artifact cut through centred along the y-axis when the level cut plane is toggled on.

VA-bug_dor-artifact.3dm (3.1 MB)

Hi @dannysquires,

This seems to be happening only on Rhino 5 version. I will report this to the developers.

In the meantime if you have Rhino 6 use that version of VisualARQ.

Kind regards

Hi - Just to manage expectations on this one…
It is extremely unlikely that there will be any updates to Rhino 5. At this point, only severe issue in Rhino 6 are fixed (regressions and crashes) - all new development and ordinary fixes are done for Rhino 7.