(Bug) _arrayPolar does allow CVs to be selected

Version 7 (7.25.22326.19002, 2022-11-22)
will solve this issue.

I am drawing some machine paths for a more complex scenario, but above shows what i would expect to do with
selecting CVs of a curve - get multiple Variations of that curve.
this is not possible with the current mac version.

can do it.
nearly all commands generate a duplicate curve / surface with new (partial) CV positions.
it would be consistent if _arrayPolar would behave in same fashion.


Hi Tom - as far as I can see ArrayPolar does this in the latest V7 on both platforms.



thanks @pascal for having a look at this.
Version 7 (7.25.22326.19002, 2022-11-22)
will solve this issue.

… documented with last Version …
the problem occurs here with Version 7 (7.25.22321.17002, 2022-11-17) on a mac.
there is an update available.

first i will video proof the current behaviour:

seems like i have a very special arraypolar version… look at this offsets if i pick 2 points.
ok for each single point (on blue arcs, center at 0)
bad as soon as i pick 2 Points.

maybe some negativ influence of the melting polar ice shields ?

this is so original file / setting where the posted problems occurs:

arrayPolarBug.3dm (103.6 KB)

Version 7 (7.25.22326.19002, 2022-11-22)
will solve this issue.

Great, thanks for the update.