Bug: Appearance font size changing and toolbar docking + crash on exit

I recently have problems with Rhino when trying to save or export. When the Dialogue opens, the underlaying rhino menus get corrupted and stay that way even when i close the save/export dialogue: Rhino Appearance font gets somehow set to 6pts and some menu fonts and menu icons to very large. Icons and menu items are shown in real size when i move my mouse over them but pixelated and larger when no cursor is present. The clickable area of menus and icons still seems to be following normal soze icons and menus, not the corrupted size. When i Exit rhino after trying to save like that, Rhino crashes after closing the window.

Also i cannot dock any toolbars at the right of the screen, this may be a seperate issue or not. They just wont dock when i drag them onto the line to the right. the docking-active line seems to be not there, toolbars are not locked of course.
Also when i resize a toolbar, the curser is not on the toolbar line where i am dragging, but moves to somewhere else on the screen until i release the mousebutton.

It all started with a Rhino update last week. I then got some windows updates too before rebooting. After rebooting the windows7 font size and scaling (150% for retina) was apparently reset.
The whole menu appearance was corrupted, but can be reset and saved. Somehow the fonts in Rhino are now antialiased but in a bad way that makes them mushy (like cleartype is wrongly configured). This is only in Rhino, font rendering in any other software is fine. Also i get the impression that the UI is a lot slower than before (more latency).
Font sizes and icons get corrupted again when i try to save a file. I did already reset the toolbars several times, but it seems it does not get saved and changes back to corrupted when i save a file. It happens with every 3dm file i tried always when trying to save. The appearance font even changes when i try to save an stl.

Rhino Version: 5 SR14 64-bit (5.14.522.8390, 22.05.2017)

I am using windows7 in most recent parallels12on latest MacOS running on a macbook retina i7+GT750m. So far i had no problems, it just came with the latest rhino and windows update. I am using windows because of plugins and keyboard shortcuts compared to the macOS version which i also have a license of.

Hi David - does running SetDPIAwareness help?


Thank you Pascal, i googled that the 3rd link was this procedure: https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/5/video/highres/toolbars_and_text_too_small_in_64-bit_rhino_5_on_high_resolution_screen

eventually this additional command at startup fixed the bug for me: https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/5/video/highres/toolbars_and_text_sudenly_shrink

Still font rendering is somewhat mushy compared to other windows programs. Only the Titlebar has the same clearness like in other programs. The Rhino Menu fonts and Logos seem to be overly antialiased or not adjusted to the pixel width (like 1.5 pixel wide lines instead of 1). But i guess i have to live with that.