Bug: Anti-alizing

Hello again,

This time I would like to understand anti-alizing.
I added 2 objects: surface and mesh.
When a-a is changed (from None to 8x), Mesh edges are adjusted accordingly but this doesn’t happen with Surface.


We use two different algorithms for drawing mesh wires and surface edges. The way the code is currently set up, the mesh wire drawing is dependent on the driver to perform AA while the surface edge drawing performs the AA internally in the OpenGL shader. This will probably get unified into a single approach as we continue to change the display code.

Does one look better to you than the other?

Ok, clear.

Well, the one I am used to is the one with no AA, so the way how edges of the mesh are showed in the current WIP.

Hi @stevebaer
Just was looking a bit and comparing.
I guess, that present way of showing curves and surface edges in R5 should remain in R6 when no AA is used.

Is that possible?


It is possible. I am going to be revisiting surface and curve drawing in the near future and will most likely be tweaking the AA algorithm at that time.

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