[BUG] Advanced Rhino options not showing WIP 22-08-17

Is it only me but Rhino Advanced options are not accessible

It works here.

Can you try resizing the dialog?


@johnm, something for you?

OK…It works now (restarted Rhino) and I can not replicate it…sorry for the trouble.

Could you try resizing it to the smaller size again maybe smallest possible size, close the dialog, then restart Rhino. Does the dialog then still draw correctly for advanced options?

This is the smallest I could go for and after Rhino restart still works…sorry :wink:

Bummer (:

Here you are specially for you :wink:
On different machine with recent release

@velopl maybe related? Bug: Options->Plugin empty

It’s hard to tell @nathanletwory as again restarting Rhino fixed it. I’ve been trying to replicate but with no joy so far. As soon as I’ll be able to tell what triggers it I’ll let you know.

PS. My options->plugin works just fine