Bug: Adjust Mesh on SubD - Curvature Analysis, Zebra, Emap

clicking on Adjust Mesh does not yield anything in any of the titled commands. i had the feeling that this was an issue for a while no idea if that was logged or what the status is.

affected Version and before 7 (7.18.22145.08132, 2022-05-25)

I’m not seeing that here with a simple sphere in a new document and running Zebra.
Please post your entire SystemInfo data.

sorry i should have added one major keyfactor, this is only on SubD.
anyway here the sysfo. Untitled.txt (11.0 KB)

Hi -
Testing on an internal build of 7.20, when clicking on the Adjust Mesh… button with a SubD object selected, a new dialog opens. So that got “fixed”.

Note that you cannot change the display / render mesh of SubD objects in Rhino.
So, even with a new dialog opening, there is nothing in that dialog that will change the display of the SubD object. The SubD meshing levels are only used when rendering.

Further reading: RH-56571.

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