Bug? about Launchpad

Hi everyone.
I installed RihonBeta 6(6.16.19149.14184, 2019-05-29). After Installing, I can’t find Rhino5 (5.5.3) in Launchpad on Mac. I can find rhino5 in folder “application” and run rhino5.
I don’t know this reason depend on my system or bug of RhinoBeta6. My OS is Mac OS 10.14.5(Japanese edition)
If there is same problem, I would like to know.

Is the Rhino 5 icon (when closed) visible on the dock?


Yes, visible. and I can use rhino5 by double clicking icon in application folder. Only invisible in viewer in launchpad

I never use the Launchpad, but actually I realized that I have the same behavior with 10.13.6. I can’t say if it’s normal behavior (Rhino 5 and BETA 6 can’t be started simultaneously)


Mr. ZSimon, Thank you for your confirming.

This is not big problem, however every installed application is sown by Launchpad. So, I think that this is some kind of bug. I don’t know which cause on Rhino6 or Mac OS.

After buying purchased Rhino6(Mac), I think I can use both Rhino6 and Rhino5(not same time). Then, Not showing both application by Launchpad is problem. So, I hope that McNeel people find the solution of this problem.

This is not something specific to Rhino, the same happens for Blender. I have several versions installed, but it is always somewhat random which version appears in Launchpad. I’d argue more this is a Launchpad bug - that said I am not certain. @dan, a bug or not?

I found (I tested it) a fully functional solution at least on High Sierra, but I think it works with all versions of MacOS. Because of my language, I prefer if you let me, insert a link to a video found on YouTube. The only “problem” encountered is that you will find yourself with 2 Rhino icons in the applications folder (for this reason it could be an idea to change the name when saving with Automator). In my case it was necessary to convert the Rhino icon from .png .icon


Mr. Simon, Mr.Letwory, Thank you for your replies.

I understand this problem is bug of Mac OS now.
And Solution showed by Mr.Zsimon is very interesting. If I would like to use Launchpad at any cost, I try it. Thanks !

I think that this problem be clear now. Thanks!

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@nathanletwory Interesting. Well, I never use LaunchPad, so I wouldn’t be of much help.