[BUG] -_Rebuild not macro'able

Yes, we don’t know what exactly is checked.

But I thought that, assuming the curves are sorted in the input list and assuming that they are arranged as in the picture you posted, there are more chances that a curve looks_like_more to the next curve than to the first one.

Very little less than a totally random choice actually … :smile:

ha… ok
if i was going to try something with it, that’s how it would of been too but i was hesitant to say “hey, do this” when not knowing wether or not there was a more exact logic to CurveDirectionsMatch.

(i have used it in a script already and it seems to work really well… but in the situation i apply it, it’s pretty obvious as to which way the curves should go in order to match… same with jordy’s example… but he’s saying the real file has a couple-hundred curves and we haven’t seen how they’re oriented)


This is definitely a bug, and still there, on PC at least. I believe @jeff_hammond tested on Mac and didn’t find the problem, but I can confirm it is a problem on PC.

@pascal, has there been any progress on this?

I also have a command macro that attempts to rebuild multiple curves with a few hundred points each, and it doesn’t do anything.

While typing this message I thought I’d try something, and it works. I replaced the -_Rebuild line in my command macro with:

-_Runscript (
dim curvestorebuild
curvestorebuild = rhino.SelectedObjects(False)
rhino.enableredraw False
for each curve in curvestorebuild
Rhino.RebuildCurve curve,3,300
rhino.enableredraw True

Rest of the rather long macro now runs as usual and I didn’t have to rewrite the whole thing in Python or Rhinoscript, so I’m happy - but its still a bug.