Bubble top style 3

here is another shot, that is purely lit by a hdri, with a substance material for a ground plane. changed to 35mm lens for more drama and a little forced perspective-


I love this tip-up interior!

Wow, amazing! The double NO2 injection must make Dominic Toretto green with envy. :yum:

The Vornoi-ish tarmac texture is wild. Did you composite that in Substance Designer?
And is the tire pattern geometry or did you do that with a normal map?

This is wicked cool! Congrats.

That looks so great!

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one nos is good, two musssst be better, no? :wink:

tarmac is a substance material, as is the green metalflake- tires are mapped, not modeled-

thanks for the kind words, it’s been a fun week at the office…

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